High Altitude Training in a Bottle

Mimics the effect of high altitude training

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“The record has shown that since 1968, 95% of all Olympic and World Championship medals from the 800m through the Marathon were won by athletes who lived or trained at altitude. It can therefore be concluded that altitude training is necessary for success in endurance events.”
– Dr. Joe Vigil, 2008 Team USA Running Coach

The Next Frontier in Performance

The Next Frontier in Performance

Developed by a team of biomedical engineers from the University of California

Boosts Energy and Stamina

Altitude Boost™ mimics the effects of high altitude training improving endurance, stamina, speed, power and performance.

Boosts Lung Capacity and Oxygen Efficiency 

Within 1 week, Altitude Boost™ results in dramatic improvement in aerobic capacity at both sea level and high altitude.

Boosts Mental Performance

Altitude Boost assists in making good decisions and improving reactions times during training and competitions.

Delays Muscle Fatigue

Active ingredients in Altitude Boost™ have been shown to allow muscle strength and endurance to be maintained delaying time to fatigue.

Increases Training Load and Improves Recovery

Altitude Boost™ increases oxygen delivery to the muscles allowing increased training load and improved recovery times.

Better than High Altitude Training

Altitude Boost™ significantly reduces the costs related to high altitude training such as time, lodging, meals, and transportation.

Safe, Effective and Legal

Peer reviewed and clinically researched Altitude Boost™ is safe, effective and free of banned substances.

How Altitude Boost™ Works

ALTITUDE BOOST™ mimics the effects of high altitude training to increase lung capacity and improve oxygen efficiency.

100% Drug Free

If you are an athlete the choice is simple, you should only choose products that are free of any banned substances.

Brand Ambassadors

Learn why triathletes, runners and cyclists and other sports enthusiasts rely on Altitude Boost™ and why it is so critically important to their success.